El Wire Lights (Electroluminescent Lights)

Want an easy, flexible way to brighten up a special event? Turn to our trusty EL lights.
EL wire lights (electroluminescent lights) are battery-operated, lighted wires that emit a spectacular colorful glow. They are available in a rainbow-like assortment of colors and are extremely flexible allowing you to manipulate them into endless shapes. Cool to the touch, these lights are perfect for lighting Halloween costumes, creating special-effects for a school play or professional production, creating bedroom wall art, framing the inside of a tent during a camping excursion, and more. The small design of the battery pack makes it conveniently easy to conceal; it's lightweight, too. In addition to being decorative, EL wires can help keep you safe when you ride your bicycle around town in the dark. Line the wheels or other parts of your bicycle so you'll be visible to motorists. Our EL lights vary in length from 2 Meters (6.5 feet) to 5 Meters (16.4 feet) and offer steady, flashing, or blinking light settings for extra special effects.