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Outdoor String Light DIY Guide Wire Suspension Kit, 60-Foot, Stainless Steel

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If you are fed up with the time and trouble it takes to set up your string lights and the poor results you get, the Paper Lantern Store offers an affordable, easy solution. Just use our 60-Foot Patio String Light DIY Hanging Stainless Steel Guide Wire. This simple piece of equipment take the hassle out of hanging outdoor string lights over long distances while also helping them to look their best. You will get great-looking outdoor lighting with a minimum of time, trouble and cost.

To use this handy DIY cable, just feed it through the hanging holes and loops of the hanging holes and loops of our string lights. At more than 60 feet in length, this thick, heavy-duty guide wire cable will let you neatly and securely secure your light set across long distances. Your results will look great, because the thick guide wire reduces drooping and sagging in the middle of your light stringer. This cable comes complete with two clamps for creating end hooks.

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel.
Length: 60 Feet
Accessories: Two screw clamps included to create end-hooks.
Check out our compatible Fantado OUT-Series Outdoor Commercial String Lights for the best fit.


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