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Waterproof Floating LED Rainbow Orbs

Wow guests with visually striking floating pool orbs magically moving around your pool, pond, or other water feature. Made from hard white acrylic material, floating LED lights come in a range of sizes and shapes including spheres, cubes, teardrops, ovals, and cones. Impressive on their own, these showstoppers come to life as they light up and flash different colors. Controlled by a remote, you have the ability to choose flash motion, strobe mode, or fade mode. You can also pick the color you like from the remote control and freeze the floating light at the specific color. These versatile orbs can be used out of the water as well. Use them to create unique centerpieces, hang them from a ceiling, or line your driveway or garden path with them. Ideal for DIYers, avid party-throwers and party planners, our floating LED lights come with a convenient plug-in charger and all orbs run on the same signal, making it easy to control all the orbs.


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