Chevron Pattern Paper Parasol Umbrellas

Whether you are looking for a snazzy parasol that will draw attention while also shielding you from the sun or you just want to add some pizzazz to a social gathering or a space in your home, office or workplace, the Chevron-Pattern Parasols & Paper Umbrellas from the Paper Lantern Store will do the trick. These stylish umbrellas make perfect party parasols but are so versatile, inexpensive and cheery you will want to get more than just one. Fortunately, we offer a big selection of bright colors with our chevron patterns, including light lime green, yellow, orange, red and many more, so you have plenty of great choices.
These cute umbrellas make perfect party favors for wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties and just about any social event, especially on hot, sunny days, when they can help protect your guests. Alternatively, turn them upside down and hang them from the ceiling or the top of a tent to create bright, light decoration. You can even light up these parasols with our LED lights or string lights, creating your own DIY umbrella lanterns.