C Style Bulb String Lights - C7 C9

C bulbs, or candle-shaped lights, provide all the old-fashioned looks and festivity of traditional candles without the hassles, mess and safety concerns. Our good-looking electric lights are naturals for the holidays, whether you are throwing a party or simply decorating your home, office or workplace.
If you are looking for C7 string lights or C9 string lights, you have come to the right place. At the Paper Lantern Store, we carry a variety of Candle-Shaped C7 & C9 Bulb String Lights, so you can find exactly the right ones for your project. Our C9 bulb offerings include white bulb string lights teamed up with red and blue lights that make a patriotic display for Independence Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day or any other holiday celebrating United States history. We also carry E12 light strings in a range of festive colors. You will find bulbs that are perfect for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more.