Persimmon Orange Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

When the days are shortening and the temperatures are cooling, the Persimmon Orange Round Even-Ribbing Paper Lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store will add a warm glow to any room or social event. Perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Harvest Moon celebrations, these gaily colored orange paper lanterns will take a bit of the chill out of the air and inject fun into the atmosphere. Their bright color makes them ideal, in fact, for any occasion or space where you want to add a note of radiance.
These elegant and surprisingly sturdy paper globes are available in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 24 inches, giving you plenty of latitude to fill any space and suit any design need. Easy to put together, they also fold away for quick and simple storage if you are just using them for a seasonal event. The burnt orange color of these paper lanterns will make any space feel warm and comfortable.