Remote Controlled LED Candles

This section contains our LED battery operated candles which include remote controls.
Light your next party and give a great ambiance without the danger of an open flame with remote controlled LED candles from the Paper Lantern Store. These battery-powered candles are perfect for placing on table tops and around a room for a romantic glow. The remote control offers greater convenience which allows you to turn on your candles from a distance without having to manually flip a switch on each one. Most of the LED candles available also include timers for even greater control. They also save you from fumes and the wax mess of a real candle.

Shop the selection of remote controlled LED candles available from the Paper Lantern Store to find a variety of candles for all kinds of situations. Indoor candles are more decorative and feature different colors and realistic wax drip detailing. They also feature flickering light like a real candle. Outdoor battery-operated candles have a more utilitarian appearance, but are built for durability and weather resistance. Every candle is operated with two AAA batteries, which are included. The LED candles last more than 60 hours apiece with just one set of batteries.